Internet Marketing 

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Internet Marketing

The most important part of internet marketing or web marketing is your search engine optimization. This is commonly called SEO for short, and is the process of optimizing your website's content and other content off of your website that refers traffic back to it, to make the pages of your website perform better in search results.

Marketing in general is used to raise public awareness about your company, product, or service. Web marketing is basically the same. It includes everything you do to promote your website and drive traffic across it. You can run all types of advertising on and off the web to drive traffic across your pages. Many companies use pay-per-click campaigns, radio, TV, brochures, fliers, mail-outs, and many other ways to drive traffic to their website. Some even take time to call people at random. This is far more costly than a good Internet Marketing Strategy using SEO to generate the traffic across the website. Most SEO driven traffic is free.

Why would you pay to drive traffic across your website when you can get them there for free by focusing the content of your web design. SEO, it just makes better sense.

In designing your website, you must maintain the focus of each page's topic. Then, when you list your website in other websites, link keywords about that topic back directly to the page with that defined topic. You have to keep things clear for you reader. they don't want to visit a webpage looking for one keyword and find something completely different.

Below is a simple design for marketing on the web. 


Internet Marketing

  • Design your Website

    • Define page topic and keep it on the topic

  • Locate your customers

    • Determine your target (age, gender, who will use your product)

    • What other locations on the internet are they likely to use

  • Direct them to your pages

  • Provide customers with what they are looking for

    • be sure that the listings/links point people to pages about the topic they came to see.


The more useful your page content is to your customer, the better their experience with your website will be for them. This means they are likely to stay on your website longer and possibly purchase whatever it is you are offering, but more importantly, is the length of time they spend on your website. This is important, because the search engines use this information to determine placement in the search results. These are the organic listings that appear when people run their searches.

Organic search results are completely free, and are the first opportunity to place your website in front of prospective customers. These listings are the point of all internet marketing and SEO strategies.

For more information about how to get these organic results, you may want to read the book "Understanding and Performing SEO" Click the link below to learn more.

"Understanding and Performing SEO"


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