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Are you tired of over priced search engine optimization? If you have been paying someone to perform your SEO optimization and haven't gotten the results you need, it is time to get better SEO at affordable prices.

Call 817-366-8376 or for services. We are located in Granbury, Texas, but can certainly provide SEO services where ever you may be located.

As I was told, "If you want it done right, you are going to have to do it yourself." Most SEO specialists will tell you how this can't be done and get results, but if this was true, it would be true of their service also. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not that difficult, but you have to learn it somewhere. SEO Assistants can help.

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How to do SEO

SEO Assistants provide various optimization products and services to help you understand and perform better SEO. Some of these are our SEO Services and our How to do SEO Book ("Understanding and Performing SEO").

This SEO book will teach you how to do SEO, and give you a great understanding of how Search Engine Optimization works.

Our How to do SEO Book gives optimization updates, tips, tricks, and useful links to help you continue your SEO. We offer direct assistance from our team of SEO specialists to help you optimize your website for better search results in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and many more.

And, if you just don't have time to perform your own SEO, we can provide that service to you and get you better search results.

Our How to do SEO Book will teach you how to make your website show up in the organic results for each keyword you target. This can save you lots of money in advertising. Pay-Per-Click campaigns can get expensive fast. This is especially true of your best keywords. Our newsletters contain tips, tricks, updates, and useful links to help you as you build your SEO Strategy.

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SEO Assistants specialize in helping you design and perform better SEO optimization strategies. We teach you how to get your website found and listed higher in the search engines' search results. For more information about how we can help you be found and save you money, follow this link to our products page and learn more about each of the products we have to offer you.

For more information about "Understanding and Performing SEO" or purchasing information, follow this link: 

How to do SEO Book

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is best defined as the process of making a website perform better in the search engines.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of optimizing the design of the website, pages, and links to increase the ranking and performance in search results on major search engines and help your website get found in the top organic or natural search results.

SEO is commonly used to promote your company online to increase the customer traffic and visibility and get higher ranking in search results and dominate your competition through online marketing. SEO can be made easy but is often a long process of building links, writing page content, and optimizing each page.

SEO Services Granbury, TX

It can be hard to find good SEO information or a good SEO company. There are so many articles and SEO books online and everyone is heavily promoted to make you believe it is the best SEO book. The same is true of all these SEO companies. The market is flooded with bad SEO tips and misleading SEO books and articles, making it very hard to learn how to do SEO techniques that work. And then there is a different SEO service calling you every day offering some SEO services that costs hundreds of dollars each month for a free service offered by Google.

Google SEO

Google offers free local listings, free SEO tools, free SEO tips, and just about everything you really need to promote your business online through internet marketing. Our SEO company in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston offers honest SEO services, the best SEO advice, best SEO tools, the Best SEO products, and the best SEO book online.

Find out why our SEO Book is Among the best SEO Books online.

How to do SEO Book-Learn SEO for Google

How to do SEO

Get our how to do SEO Book download online and Learn how to do SEO or we can provide Search Engine Optimization services to improve your website's organic performance in search results.

Our how to do SEO book is a refined resource of articles that the major search engines have released to help you optimize your website. We have read through these articles and wrote the information in a more understanding format that cuts through the crap and gets straight to the facts and techniques that are useful in optimizing a website.

Why would you want to read an SEO book that tells you everything about SEO, what it is, and why you need SEO optimization and their SEO book, but never explain how to optimize your website? You need a How to do SEO book that tells how to do SEO for better search result positioning.

Dallas Fort Worth SEO Services

Our Dallas Fort Worth SEO Services are owned by Jim Nech, and he has written the How to do SEO book Understanding and Performing SEO- The Complete Users Guide To SEO. In this SEO book, Jim Nech gives true SEO optimization secrets that he uses to promote his website for Search Engine Optimization and his How to do SEO book.

As surely as these SEO techniques work to promote his SEO company in Dallas and Fort Worth and his SEO book, they will fix your SEO with SEO that works.

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