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Website Design and Building Services


SEO Assistants are based in Granbury, Texas and provide Website design and SEO services.

We build websites for all types of businesses and can build you a website that works for your business. Our team of website designers can design high graphic websites, integrated websites, interactive websites, or basic websites at affordable prices.

With our website design services, we optimize the content and keywords for better search engine placement and can provide website hosting through one of our affiliates.

Building websites can vary in costs from a basic website to a more complex website design. Our basic website starts at $500 for the initial setup and $99 per month for continued SEO, updates, and support. 

As there are a vast number of web design businesses, and most of them have at least one website, it is important to choose a website designer that provides a competitive edge over the competition. This is where it is important to get the right website designer, and our website design company can provide you the website design services you need to compete.

The most important part in choosing the right website design company or SEO service is honesty. There are many website design services and SEO companies that don't provide honest services. There are a lot of things that you can do to boost the performance of your website and get more traffic for free. We provide these services and others in our monthly plan, but if you completed some of these easy SEO tips, it allows us to spend more time optimizing your website with the allotted time each month. To better explain this, our average cost per hour is $50.

To learn more about how you can get the most out of our services, or even learn how to provide these services for yourself, we recommend getting a copy of our How to do SEO Book - "Understanding and Performing SEO" The complete users guide to SEO.