Pay-Per-Click Advertising


SEO and Pay-Per-Click Advertising can both get very expensive. Often the cost to get any kind of real results from hiring either of these services is in the thousands of dollars per month range. This may be the best route for your business if you have more money than time, but for the rest of us, we have come up with other options.

Our first option is the SEO Book to help you learn SEO and how to perform these services for yourselves at the most affordable rate. This SEO Book will teach you how to get the results you need for free. The SEO Book costs $40.00 currently through a limited time offer. 

The second option we have is through a prescreened services website that we promote and perform the SEO services for. Basically, you can get the quality SEO services through this website at a much lower rate than normal. The costs of service are spit over the entire site. If you are a service provider for any service, this website will be very helpful for your business, even as an addition to other methods of generating work.