Optimizing SEO

Optimizing SEO is very similar to how you optimize website design. In fact, it is for the most part the same with some additions.

When you optimize website design, you increase the usefulness of your web site by search engines. This is often done in the meta tags. Meta tags are how a search engine sees your website. When you optimize this part of your website design, you need to optimize website meta tags for keywords, description, and page titles. These are the most common meta tags for each page of your web site.

Each tag needs to directly reflect the content of the page. If you use the same keywords, description, or title for more than one page, you need to optimize website design for your website. By doing this, you will help the search engines to better understand the content of your web pages and they can better assess the value of your website for search results.

Optimizing SEO includes these things and goes a bit further. In optimizing SEO, you must optimize the content of your site to pull relevance for a topic and drive traffic to your site. This is done through having multiple articles of content specific to each search term or keyword you want to show up for in the search results. Focusing the page's meta tags to optimize website design for each page. And building links to your pages from other related pages on the web. These are all parts of optimizing SEO for the pages of your website and getting higher search engine placement or ranking.

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Understanding and Performing SEO

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