How Search Engine Optimization Works

How search engine optimization works is pretty simple. Through the optimization or monetizing of the content of your website, you build relevance for certain search topics. As your relevance for a topic grows, search engines will improve your page ranking and positioning in search results.

Relevance is based on how useful your page and content is for the search. How SEO works is by making your content useful to each search, and designing the structure of your web site to flow and be useful to people using it.

If your website has problems like broken links and other issues which make it difficult for a search engine to index pages of the website, it is more likely to have low positioning in search results. SEO web site design is the process of designing a website to be search engine friendly. This is also user friendly. When search engines crawl your site easily, they determine the usefulness to be high.

With good content about a topic on a web site that is very useful, you are far more likely to get top search engine positioning and ranking. This is the basics of how search engine optimization works and gets the top results.

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