Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization results for primary keywords is often more difficult than optimizing for secondary keywords. This is the result of how many web sites target the primary keywords. Over time your SEO strategy will get top ranking results, but there is no guarantee that you will ever get page one results for primary keywords. This is a matter of how well you perform your search engine optimization. If the search engine determines that your web site is the most relevant to that search, you will get page one results.

We can guarantee that you will however get top ranking results for many of the keywords or phrases that people search for to find you. Optimizing your website to get these targeted results will generally strengthen your relevance for the top targeted keywords. Guaranteed search engine optimization is not a short term investment. It requires a good SEO strategy that is balanced in highly targeted keywords and the SEO tail results or tail keywords.

Tail keywords are the longer keyword phrases that are searched for. These generally have very low search volume and there are hundreds of them. This makes them very easy to get page one results in most search engines like Google or Yahoo, and these searches make up about 75% of the searches ran every month. Most people search for more direct and limiting search phrases to get better results out of the search engines.

When you get top page ranking results in the search engines for these searches, you will get higher traffic, higher relevance, and will build your web site's relevance for the broader search terms such as the highly targeted keywords.

Use our SEO Company or our available resources to help you learn how to SEO your web site and get guaranteed search engine optimization. Below is a link to our SEO guide to help you get started with SEO.

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